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Where to find good scripts to read

Continual training is an ongoing part of any actor’s journey, but learning extends beyond the confines of the classroom. To hone your skills further, it is crucial to engage in regular script reading. Reading scripts regularly enhances your ability to deliver a grounded performance. Asking yourself questions about each character’s wants and motivations will help you become better at analyzing and understanding how stories are told. Below, you’ll find a compilation of both free and paid resources offering a variety of scripts for your reading pleasure.

What to expect from the best headshot photographers in Atlanta

When choosing a photographer always make sure that all your negatives, with no watermarks, are included in the total price of the shoot. Most but not all photographers will provide them for you.You should always let the photographer know that you want a commercial and a theatrical look. You want to have 2-3 wardrobe changes. This is usually only from the waist up unless you are getting into modeling shots. A make up artist is usually provided by the photographer for a fee that should range between $75 to $150, however you should be allowed to choose your own if you wish.

You can find a top quality professional photographer in the price range of $200 to $400, inclusive of 2-3 looks, with 2-3 partial wardrobe changes, and with all your unmarked negatives. Most photographers will take an average of 100 to 300 shots. Some photographers prefer to shoot inside, others prefer to shoot outside, and some enjoy doing both.

Always look for photographers that have professional locations and it is perfectly OK to ask to see samples of their work.

Two of the best places to get reproductions of your head-shots are Pixel Pusher and Prima, which are both located in Atlanta.

Some of the best headshot photographers in Atlanta

Other Industry Resources

  • Setting The Tone

    STT describes themselves as a collective of filmmakers, actors, writers, photographers, and other creatives, forming a unique production company focused on bringing stories to life through TV, film, animation and social media.
    404 282 2886

  • Virtual Instinct.AI

    Learn the fundamentals of improvisational acting with exercises and roleplays designed to enhance you or your company’s sales potential with corporate engagements and individual classes.
    470 697 1408

How to look for an Agent

There are many agencies here in Atlanta, some are union franchise and some are not. Both can be very good for talent in a market that has become the 3rd largest in the world. It is important to remember that your skills should be at a professional level, so when you get a chance to meet with an agent your work will show that you are ready to compete in the professional market place.

It is not critical that you have a demo reel, but it helps. It is important that you have professional head-shots and resume. Remember being professional means being on time, being prepared, and being respectful in your meetings. For every actor it is different when they feel they are ready to get representation. We are now in a place, where we have over 45 talent agencies in the Atlanta market. How amazing is that!! Always remember that legitimate agencies do not charge monthly fees. They make their commissions from projects that actors have been hired for. Most agencies will require to see your work, ether in terms of a demo reel, script readings, or prepared monologue work.

SAG provides a list of all the franchise agencies that you can get from their office in Buckhead, Atlanta. Remember that in a right-to-work state, such as Georgia, a top quality agent may or may not be SAG franchised.

What to look for in acting classes

A few acting studios, including ours, will allow you to audit one class for free. Always remember that you want to be on time, and be respectful by staying until the end of class. You need to feel if the environment feels good to you. Check to see the level of experience the teachers have and how many years they been in the industry. See if they offer well rounded classes that include cold readings, on camera auditioning, scene study and monologue work, technique, script analysis, improv, and that they will guide you with the business of show business.

It is important that you feel comfortable in the class and that you understand the basic structure of the studio. Look for studios that will challenge you and always push you to be the best you can be. They should have knowledge with Stanislavski, Meisner technique, and The Method.

Prices can vary, with most studios in Atlanta charging between $200 and $350 per month for one 2-3 hour class per week. Remember that consistency and discipline are optimum for long term success.  The old saying, “Always be working out” is absolutely true.

We hope the above information will help you on your journey to becoming a professional actor.

From the entire teaching staff of the Professional Actor’s Studio


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