There is a buzz in the air about Professional Actor’s Studio. The Atlanta entertainment community has taken notice of Nick Conti and his team of acting instructors. This section presents an example of the letters, notes, and congratulatory items we have received over the years.

No alterations were made to the text in publishing these testimonials.

What Industry Professionals Say About The Professional Actor’s Studio

What can you say?

This letter from Kay Harrison was the inspiration for the “What can you say?” callouts found throughout this website.

Kay Harrison, Entertainment
Industry Consultant, Beverly Hills

What can you say? You start
with… Bouquets! Cheers! and Bravissimo!… to Nick Conti, who is, at the very least, all
of the above!

It has been my pleasure to know
Nick as a teacher, a mentor and a friend for the
past five years, and I look forward to the continuation
of that friendship. In the meantime… Best of
luck to you, Nick, in your continuing endeavors.
No one is more deserving.

Houghton TalentThanks so much for including Houghton Talent as an industry guest for the Professional Actor’s Studio Showcase Friday night. It was a pleasure to attend, and of course, to finally meet you. What a great opportunity to not only see what some of our people can do but also to scout new talent. I know showcasing requires a great deal of preparation… kudos to you and your students, it really was “A Class Act.” you’re clearly a dedicated, committed team.

Mystie Buice, Agency Director, Houghton Talent

The Renaissance Project LogoTalent is a gift… born in perseverance. You bring your actors to the edge and you teach them to fly. As the executive director, I have in my twenty-two years of theatrical experience never encountered an acting instructor with more passion for the craft and true caring for his students. Not only have I personally benefited from your gift but also I have strongly pushed fellow thespians to watch you at work and judge the results for themselves. Whether acting for the stage or for the camera, the Professional Actor’s Studio has and will continue to be a cutting-edge training ground… the “Top Gun” of acting schools in this state. I am proud to not only call you my teacher but also my friend and fellow actor.

Michael Cole, The Renaissance Project Ensemble Theatre

Castle Rock EntertainmentWell, what can I say except that you’ll be very missed. Thank you so much for all of your kindness and inspiration. I had an exquisite and enlightening experience studying acting with you. I am so sad to see it end. You have always expressed yourself in a clear and concise manner with a touch that fuels creativity and uninhibited expression. I had audited many classes before selecting yours. The choice was not difficult. After running into 50 car salesmen trying to pull me into their class like I as a cheap suit, I was elated to meet someone who still enjoyed sharing a piece of themselves to help and inspire artists of all ages and backgrounds. Not sure what to do or where to go now, but hey, have a good time anyhow. I am not bitter. Best wishes in Atlanta!

Celeste LaChance, Castle Rock Entertainment

Maxi Wade AgencyThank you for inviting me and my Booking Specialist, Jasimin, to your actors’ showcase. It was a brilliant expression of talent at its best. The creative energy at the workshop was amazing. Best wishes in all your future business endeavors. Do not hesitate to call on Maxi Wade Agency and myself whenever we can be of service to you.

Windi N. Washington, Maxi Wade Agency

Houghton TalentJust wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed the recent showcase that you invited me to. I was impressed with the level of acting and scene selection. Adding a cold read as part of the showcase is also valuable because it gives us an impression of an actor’s ability to navigate through a scene with limited preparation. Nick, I sensed the commitment and passion that both you and the actors shared for the craft and your courses. You’re providing a great resource for both the actors and industry professionals. Keep up the good work and call me when you’re having your next showcase.

André Neitzel, Houghton Talent

Warner Bros. TelevisionI have known Nick professionally for over ten years as both an actor and a teacher. His talent, his commitment, his drive and his sense of professionalism are unsurpassed. He also possesses one of the most positive and upbeat attitudes I have ever observed. After I had known him a while, Nick asked me to be a guest speaker at at class he was teaching. I gladly obliged, not really expecting much, and was very pleasantly surprised at the level of talent that I found. Nick had done an amazing job, presenting me with a very impressive group of actors. I liked watching him work with the actors—with a strong hand, yet also with a true understanding of the process that each of them was going through. Most of all, however, I liked the final product. Nick is a natural teacher. I cannot recommend Nick more highly as a teacher or as an actor. I wish him luck in all of his endeavors.

Theodore S. Hann, Director of Casting, Warner Brothers Television

ICMYour actors are superb and I am compelled to bring several of them to the attention of ICM. Nick, you have a way of prompting your actors to stretch for the highest level of creativity. Your classes are a rich source for today’s actors. Anyone involved in acting, from plays to television to film, should take this class. It is a must for the successful actor.

Scott Mero, ICM Talent and Literary Agency

FSUOn behalf of our entire crew, I want to thank you for your support of the film My Father the Lion. And I tell you with complete honesty that the film would never have been made without your help and generosity. Year after year, local citizens and businesses donate services and material goods to student productions here at the Florida State University Film School. These donations make possible not just the high quality of our films, but the enrichment of our educational experience in general. We hope that you, too, have found it rewarding to assist young movie-makers as they prepare to enter the industry, both nationwide and here in Florida.

Scott Fogdall, Producer, My Father the Lion, Florida State University

CineVitaThank you so much for inviting me to your wonderful actor’s showcase. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening. As I mentioned, I had seen a reputable showcase in Los Angeles about a year ago that did not hold a candle to the performances we saw at the Professional Actor’s Studio. The choice of scene study, the vitality and talent of your troupe sent us off raving. And we were happy to note that everyone we met was as personable and friendly as they were talented. That means quite a lot to us as well. Please keep us posted as to your continued success. I’ll be happy to give you names of commercial directors and producers to invite to your next showcase. Congratulations on an impressive evening at the theatre!

Kristen McGary, Cinevita Productions

I want to thank you for being the consummate professional; bringing your talent, attention and real interest in whatever we did. Not many actors have the skills to be a superior voice talent, especially in the looping and voice-replacement business. Your depth and background in theater gave you a great advantage as a voice performer. Your gangster re-voice on The Hitman is a classic example.

Burton Sharp, voice casting and ADR coordinator

What Actors Say About The Professional Actor’s Studio

Jonna Leanne PatelI’ve been a student here for about almost 5 months. I started with Matt Skollar’s Class on Saturdays, and then moved into Jeff Cole’s class on Mondays. I’ve also had the chance to work with Scott Oakley and attend Improvisation every Wednesday with Jason Stackhouse. This team has been so great to work with. They each have so many strengths to bring to the table when it comes to on-camera acting and coaching.

Jeff Cole’s class has been more than what I expected! I initially came to this studio for the fair pricing, the community, and the chance to learn the basics of on-camera acting. I receive way more than that with Jeff’s class. We’ve not only worked with script analysis and using our experiences to drive our characters, but also, we’ve been behind camera and able to watch our scenes to review our performance. We did a night where the entire class pitched in to play make up artists, directors, PA, etc, so that everyone can get a feel for what it is like to be on a set and act out your scene in the midst of chaos. We also did an audition night where we were given lines, analyzed and memorized, and then filmed an audition. These were amazing experiences that have increased my confidence for not only my acting, but my mannerisms for auditions and on set.

Jason Stackhouse is phenomenal, I don’t think I would feel as confident on set without the basics I learned in improv class. I was looking for a place to really dedicate time to my love of improvisation, while understanding the impacts for on-camera acting, and this is where I saw everything come together. I have been able to work on my comedic timing, being in the moment, listening (this class really helped with my listening skills) and reacting. This class is SO MUCH FUN, but you are also doing so much work! You get more opportunities to do performances and get feedback from your scene partners and the others in class. I could go on and on about this class because it is my favorite day of the week. I had looked at other places, but love the relationship that Jason has with his students, and the value of the class (you can’t get improv like this in Atlanta for the price I pay) is unmatched.

Looking forward to more great things in my time with the Professional Actor’s Studio. Thank you all!

Jonna Leanne Patel

Chet AnekwelI remember auditioning for you in the basement of your home, when classes were held there. I remember going home so proud to have made the advanced class. From that time on, you became the most influential coach I have ever had. You taught me how to take direction, constructive critiques and channel truth in every line, in every second of any performance. Your eyes see everything. You showed me how to just be present and truthfully. I have never felt the camaraderie and friendship I felt at Professional Actors Studio, anywhere else I have ever been. Many of my classmates are my closest friends till this day. I left Atlanta in 2002, and haven’t take a class with you in over 16 years, but I carry your words with me, to every set, every day. Thank you Nick!

Chet Anekwe

Maria HowellWhen I was searching for a place to call home, your name and the Pro Actor’s Studio came up first and now I know why. Thanks so much for caring about us, your fellow actors, and being dedicated to providing a space and place that we can call “home.” I am proud to list the Professional Actor’s Studio on my resume.

Maria Howell

The scenes and monologues were so artistic and brilliant. The scene changes were flawless and choreographed. But even more than that, I could feel the love from the cast toward their craft, each other, and for you dear Nick. The improvisations: So hysterically funny and creative. The 5 seconds the actors had to communicate as they whispered together, their heads together. So trusting, so talented, so joyful and so professional.

Brenda Segal

Syr LawI have to thank you for taking me to the edge. In our 4+ year walk together, you have given me confidence and opportunity. You never accepted anything less than my truth, my dedication, my perseverance, and my pain… You gave me wings Nick; you took me to the edge and with more faith in me than I had in myself… you pushed me. You are part of the reason that I FLY!

Crystal Porter a.k.a. Syr Law

Dan MenginiIt’s been less than a year since I took my first class in your studio, and I have already landed a principal role in a union project. Your love, knowledge and passion for acting are passed on to those you teach. The Professional Actor’s Studio is like a second home, and I’m proud to be one of your students.

Dan Mengini

William ColquittThank you so much for your care, insight and wisdom. You have shared your knowledge and experience with everyone in our class. You do not let us get by with less than our best effort, guiding us towards our best potentials as actors. You nail my hide to a wall when I am lazy, and let me know when I am doing things right. You take us to the edge — and push.

William Colquitt

Nick’s classes put my three years training at a reputable school in London to shame. In working with him just three months, I feel I have transformed as an actress. His dedication, professionalism, and talent are incredible. His classes are a golden opportunity for anyone seeking the best acting classes in Atlanta—or in the States for that matter!

Victoria Lorenz

Gaylord ParsonsYour comprehensive knowledge of the acting craft has helped me tremendously. Your instructions are always cogent and instantly useable, covering the creative as well as the business aspects of the film industry. Thank you for creating a launching pad from which the serious actor can soar.

Gaylord Parsons

Nick’s class is invaluable for the professional actor. I always thought I was a good actor until I joined his studio. He teaches you to evaluate a script in short periods of time. By working over 100 different scripts in his class and watching 100’s more, I’ve realized what needs to be done to make the scene work. Creating characters through improv and scene work as well as making choices of what I want in a scene are just the tip of the iceberg when working with Nick and making a scene come to life. Nick implements a style all his own, praising you with what you do best by using your own instincts, and challenging you with what needs to be worked on to make you the consummate actor.

Robert Light

I cannot begin to tell you how important you have been in my development as an actor. I started out in your beginning level class and eventually made it to the advanced. You were there every step of the way guiding my growth. I have never met an acting instructor who cares so much about actors. Thank you, Nick. Thank you for coming to Atlanta rather than Charlotte. Thank you for the twenty plus years you have loved the art of acting and the commitment it took for you to open the Professional Actor’s Studio. Thank you for caring.

George Scott II

Dannielle WoodIn May of 1998 I started taking Nick’s classes thinking, “Maybe I’ll be here for two months.” Now I’ll never leave! All of the students in my class agree: we’re afraid we’ll get an acting job that will conflict with class night—we love this class so much we don’t want to miss it!! In the first four months with Nick, I learned more and my talent grew more than in the previous three years. What Nick’s coaching and guidance have done for me as an artist and a professional can’t possibly be put into words. Thanks Nick!

Dannielle Wood

Mia ButlerSome people do a thing for the love of it… and some people do a thing for the love of money. I have never met anyone who has as much passion and love for what he does as Nick Conti. He is a highly gifted teacher and has a genuine love for his students… which is probably why his classes are so affordable, because he is worth far more than he charges (but don’t tell Nick that)! Over the years I have become familiar with some of the other acting programs in Atlanta which were expensive and unproductive. After studying with Nick Conti, I found out just how much I had been missing out on. I’ve had a lot of fun and learned so much in such a short time.

Mia Butler

Having studied “Method” acting years before in New York and finding it not to be a viable acting vehicle for me, I found the straightforward and honest teaching approach of Nick Conti to be one of the best teaching “Methods” for me. Nick Conti not only breaks an actor of “bad habits” but also teaches you the gift of always stretching beyond your capabilities and taking chances that the average auditioning/working actor won’t take. Those chances are what make you stand out amongst the rest! I had the privilege of working with Nick for eight years, and although during that time I did sometimes look around once again at other teachers, I was amazed at the overcrowded, lack of focus, over-expensive classes and still felt that Nick’s approach to developing an actor to be “more special than the rest” was such a gift and a gift I needed to constantly receive!! To study with Nick is to truly study with one of the best teachers around.

Charlene Lawrence

From the day I first audited your class, until my final day as your student, I never stopped learning. Not only about acting and the Business of the Show, but about myself and my goals. You have taught me not to put limits on my abilities, and helped me to feel self confident. The lessons I’ve learned from you have, and will continue to help me in all aspects of life. Your personal interest in each individual student is a tremendous gift you have, and definitely makes you the best teacher. After auditing many classes, Thank God I found you.…

Donovan McKechnie

Although I had a fairly good grasp of the theater mentality (with my dad being a theater director), I had no real experience or advice on the “business” side of the craft; unions, agents, photos, or the audition process itself. Nick, you not only covered the intrinsic elements of acting; the who, what and where, but you also gave so graciously from your own experience as a working actor. You shared with your students what we need to be aware of from the moment we hit the casting directors door… I appreciate the attitude you insisted we bring to class.… You kept a positive flow to the class and never played favorites.… All of these lessons, Nick, would not amount to much if it wasn’t for your underlying sincerity in caring for your students. You have always found the time to lend an ear and give your valued feedback. There were times when that was painful, but it was always honest and it forced me to work that much harder. A necessary tool as I go on my journey.


Karole ForemanHis classes are always a joy and a constant reminder of why I started acting. This past year I did Little Shop with Dom Deluise and Hello Dolly with Nell Carter.

Karole Foreman

Nick Conti has given me the ingredients to be believable with any character I portray. He has great insight on how to get the job. I’ve booked Murphy Brown, Who’s the Boss, Point Break, and Almost An Angel.

Dennis Napolitano

John Robert SloanNick gave me something I wasn’t able to get elsewhere… consistency. In the last six months I got a recurring lead in a sitcom and an episodic at Universal. I’m working more than I ever have.

John Robert Sloan

Tony Di BenedettoI’m on location in N.Y. doing a film called Family Business with Dustin Hoffman and Sean Connery. I was thinking of you and just wanted to say thanks for all the help you gave me. your dedication, sincerity and sensitivity as an acting teacher has helped me tremendously over the years. I just want you to know that after 22 years as an actor I think your dedication and abilities to actors is unmatched by anyone. Don’t forget I studied with Strasberg years ago and got more from you than I ever got from him. Oh, in case I forgot at the time… thanks for your tremendous input in helping me create my character “T.J.” in Someone to Watch Over Me.

Tony Di Benedetto

Mark WoodI have never met anyone who possesses to the extent that you do that rare gift of communicating enthusiasm for a difficult craft. Through all the improvisations, the cold readings, the prepared scenes, I also learned what is so hard for the beginning actor: how to avoid “acting,” and instead, to convey the truth of a character. During my years as your student, there was never a moment of boredom. You could be a hard taskmaster, as you have never tolerated mediocrity. But the result was always worth the hours of rehearsing, refining, and searching.

Mark Wood

Jeff VernonI did take several classes before studying with you, but they seemed like something fun to do on Wednesday night—nothing serious. Then I enrolled in your class. Immediately I felt, “God, this guy is a good teacher. He’s really seeing what I’m doing—good and bad.” The time I spent in our class was without question the most beneficial time I’ve spent in any acting class.… You really made me feel like and actor—at last.

Jeff Vernon

Toni GrayBecause of your love and techniques for acting you gave me the confidence to go out there and audition, and as you know, within 6 months time I landed a series reoccurring role on Saved by the Bell… I just wanted you to know how special you were and what kind of impact you made on my life. Thank you for all your support and encouragement throughout the years.

Toni Gray

Your scene study, cold reading and improv classes have proven to be invaluable to my career. Your guidance and your patience gave me the confidence that I needed to land a great part in a feature film… Thank you for pushing me, making me laugh—making me cry, and sometimes making me very mad.

Leonora Simmons

When I talk or even think about my fledgling acting career, everything seems to have a “Nick” attached to it… I came to you, a 55 year old office worker… chained to a desk for almost 30 years… with not even a single acting class or even an acting “dream” to my resume. I guess one could say that you literally molded “me” into the “me” actor. I’m confident in me… my training, my discipline, my choices and my freedom to be all of “me.”… 2½ weeks in Utah on a film… booked 7 commercials… I owe it to you….

Floyd Irons

I Got The Part!!! Thank you for all of your time, patience and help while I was preparing for my audition. During the last year and a half that I have been studying with you I have reached a level of confidence with my acting as well as in my daily life that I could not have done without your guidance. I have studied with so many teachers, but I stayed with you because you not only taught me to be a fine actress, you taught me how to approach our profession in a very smart, savvy and confident way that has also enhanced my work in production for Castle Rock Entertainment. When I started at Castle Rock I was the receptionist. Now I have done work with Billy Crystal, Richard Dreyfuss, Michael Douglas, Hugh Grant, Annette Benning and Rob Reiner. My advancement began at the same time that my classes with you started. Your class showed me how to take my power as an actress and utilize it in my work place. Nick so many things have changed since we first met, the newest being that I am now a PAID actress. Thank you for being my friend as well as my teacher.

Paige Fischer

Joe RuffoI just want to say that being a student in your acting class has been a great experience and education for me. In the past four years I have learned so much about the craft of acting, the business of acting and—most important—discipline. You have taught me that being good just isn’t good enough. You’ve always stressed that being special is what’s gonna get you the part. Special. Special is something I always keep in my mind. Not just for acting, but for every aspect of my life.

Joe Ruffo

Anika PeressI never told you, but I audited over a dozen different classes before yours. I wanted to find a place where I felt comfortable and knew I’d fit in. And when I walked into your class, I knew instantly that I wanted to study with you… You have this special ability to make me feel good about the choices I have made as a performer. Whether I succeeded or failed you have always encouraged me to keep on going. Being in your class was like a playground, a place to work-out, fall on our face, get back up and try again and again, until we finally “got it”—until we finally captured that magical feeling when the room fell silent for a moment… I noticed the way you worked with each of us—and how over time—a special unique relationship developed. With me, it was almost as if you knew what I was thinking, knew what I was searching for, and when I was confused you had a calming quality that made it all seem simple. I feel much freer on stage, have applied so much of what I’ve learned from you in my work and truly enjoy performing. Nick, I am so grateful to have studied with you.

Anika Peress

I must say that all along, the professionalism you’ve demonstrated with teaching myself and many others about the nuances of auditioning and acting was top-notch! Nick, your classes were instrumental in preparing me for successful cold reading auditions which led to roles in some outstanding plays. Particularly, Twelve Angry Men, in which my lead work was a tremendous challenge and growth experience.